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So You Messed Up in Dementialand

Making Mistakes and Coping with Guilt

We share examples of how we can be too hard on ourselves and explain why it’s in our (and our older adult’s) best interests to forgive ourselves and move on.

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5 Biggest Issues That Sabotage Family Caregivers

Caregiving is a tough role and there are pitfalls that we often don’t learn about until we start struggling. Find out how to solve common issues like lack of sleep, “lone-soldier” syndrome, overwhelming care tasks, and more, by clicking here.

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Advocate for Seniors

6 Ways to Advocate for Seniors and Provide Support During a Hospital Stay

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Multiple Chronic Conditions

4 Expert Tips for Managing Multiple Chronic Health Conditions in Seniors

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The Problem That Piles Up

When people aren’t able to throw things away, piles can grow to the ceiling.  People don’t choose to be hoarders, and they aren’t being sloppy or lazy.  “This is a very real mental disorder” says expert Dr.David F. Tolin of Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living.

Want to learn more about how Hoarding Is a Disorder??